Cisco VPN Clients are not recognized by Windows 7 Firewall

As i former described we have problems with the Cisco IPSec VPN Client and WWAN Cards. So we are testing the AnyConnect Client. We are now faceing some common problems with both clients.

We discovered that the Network adapter created by the Cisco IPSec VPN Client (Version and also the Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN Client (Version 2.5.0217) not recognized by the Windows 7 Advanced Firewall. And therefore the AD Grouppolicy for the Firewall is not applied.

As a Workaround you can drop following lines from the „vpnva.inf“ file from the AnyConnect Package:

;Vista specific entry -- benign on 2K/XP
HKR, , *NdisDeviceType, 0x00010001, 1

or delete the Key for the adapter from the registry.

If you feel this helps a bit or may be not ? Please leave a comment.
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