Access-based Enumeration (ABE) and Cisco WAAS

Access-based Enumeration (ABE) is a smart feature to let users see only the folders they have access to.
But if you have Cisco WAAS deployed in your network please be aware you have to add a Dynamic share to the waas configuration so the waas knows about this.


2010-09-17 We found out the Hardway you have to add the System to the AD. So i will show the Story in a new Post:-) Stay tuned, guys.

—– EDIT END ——-

Cisco Wide Area Application Services Configuration Guide (Software Version 4.1.7)

Step 1
For creating a dynamic share you have to add a Domain to the Cental Manager eg „Dynamic Shares“

Step 2
Create a entry under the dynamic shares in the global configuration.

On the WAE CLI

ToBe Done

If you feel this helps a bit or may be not ? Please leave a comment.

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